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Sep 16, 2019 · Adult Education What is adult education? We are a free, open enrollment program that offers a variety of courses designed to help you to earn a high school equivalency diploma, get ready for college, improve your English language skills, or become prepared for the workplace. DCC's Office of Community Services and Special Programs serves thousands of individuals each year through a variety of non-credit classes in areas including career preparation, workforce and professional development, group and private music instruction and youth programs.

A list of all courses currently offered at Dutchess Community College. Not all courses are offered every semester. Welcome to California Adult Education Courses! This site supports teachers and learners at WIOA funded adult education agencies in California.

Welcome! This page is designed to help current and future adult education students become the strongest students they can be and stretch to reach the college level and beyond. This page does not replace Delgado's Adult Education homepage, where you can find basic information about our courses and registration process. Find that information at.