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Tennessee DUI & DWI Driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs (DUI/DWI) is a serious offense in Tennessee and can carry heavy consequences. Along with risking your own life and the lives of others, you can face criminal penalties in court for DUIs and other alcohol-related driving offenses. DUI schools in Tennessee must teach The Prime for Life curriculum, an evidence-based, early intervention program. The curriculum leads students through the process of self-evaluation and personal reflection, helping prevent future substance abuse problems from occurring. REQUIREMENTS.

Alcohol Monitoring Device (SCRAM) – The primary, if not the only, continuous transdermal alcohol monitoring device is an ankle bracelet marketed in the United States as the SCRA. Tennessee DWI Penalties. When convicted of a DWI, the judge will decide how much jail and fines will be, but is limited by certain parameters. These parameters depend on how many prior DUIs the offender has that occurred within the past ten years.Author: Nolo.

If a person has a prior conviction within the past 10 years for DUI or Adult DWI in Tennessee or a similar offense in another jurisdiction, the court may order a restricted driver’s license. Additional information about eligibility for a Tennessee restricted driver’s license.