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Adult hag moth in Florida. The adult moth has a wingspan up to 3 cm. The male has translucent wings, and the female is drab brown and gray, with yellow puffs on her legs. The day-flying female is said to mimic a bee, complete with pollen sacs, and the male mimics a wasp.Family: Limacodidae. The Hag Moth is a member of the Slug Caterpillar Moth family. Many of the larvae (caterpillars) of these moths are visual oddities. Covered in a brown, short-haired coat, the tentacle-like arms extend and reach out as the caterpillar crawls, giving the appearance of a terrestrial octopus.

Jun 28, 2018 · This is the pupal stage and it is by far the most interesting part of the moth life cycle. This is where the caterpillar transforms itself into a fully grown adult moth, wings and all. Now, what is interesting to note is that a moth in its pupal stage is referred to as being in its cocoon. On the other hand, when a butterfly is in its pupal stage, the structure which it builds around itself is Author: Kellen. The adult moths’ heavy bodies and wide, rounded wings are both thickly covered with scales, creating a furry appearance. hag, and skiff moths. The saddleback caterpillar’s sting feels much like a bee sting. The monkey slug caterpillar (larva of the hag moth) looks something like a fuzzy, brown, slightly elongated starfish. Size.

Caterpillar Hosts: Apple, ashes, birches, chestnut, dogwoods, hickories, oaks, persimmon, willows and other woody plants. Stinging Caterpillars: Slug Caterpillars and Flannel Moths Lepidoptera: Limacodidae and Megalopygidae, various species Adult moths of both the Limacodidae and the Megalopygidae are stout, hairy, and hold their wings in a appearance of the adult hag moth varies by sex. Female moths.

Like other moths, brown house moths have a complete metamorphosis that includes egg, larva, pupa and adult. Adults lay eggs -- up to 660 -- on open, rough surfaces near a food source. Upon hatching, the larvae begin to search out food sources which, unfortunately for . The adult brown house moth is harmless as only the larvae feeds. The larvae can cause significant damage in the home. Clothing and other textiles, such as wool and fur, are at risk. Brown house moth larvae have also been known to damage leather bindings and books. Life Span.