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Learn More About Kneeboards & Gear Selection. Learn More About Kneeboarding. Ride wakes and have a blast—kneeboarding blends the thrill of surfing and waterskiing. Knee-boarding is a surf-style tow sport. Riders, sitting in a kneeling position, are towed behind a motorboat on a short wakeboard. Kneeboards are comprised of generally the. Hit the Water and Feel the Adrenaline with Serenelife Water Sport Kneeboards After a long time in the shadows of surfing, knee boarding is making a comeback. hard to keep the nose up for an adult, but it works great for 360s because it feels nose heavy. Overall, the kids love swimming with it around the beach and the hook on the front 4.5/5(58).

Kneeboard Reviews. Knee boards can be fun for the entire family and will produce hours of fun on the water. Kneeboards are popular because they are fast to learn and easy to use. The following kneeboards are made with the highest quality, yet provide affordable fun for the whole family. Driftsun Crush Kneeboard with Hook for Kids and Adults, Includes Boating Strap and Hook, Knee-Board Water-Sports, 52-Inches x 22-Inches: Sports & Outdoors4/4(118).

Kneeboarding is a great way to get your family on the water. Overton's has a wide variety of exciting kneeboards from Hydroslide kneeboards, HO Sports kneeboards, O'Brien kneeboards, Connelly kneeboards, and Gladiator kneeboards. You'll also find kneeboard handles and ropes, kneeboard pads, and replacement kneeboard straps. Buyer's Guide: Kneeboards Kneeboarding is an intense water sport that is similar to waterskiing in that a rider is towed behind a boat at high speeds while balancing on a board. As the name implies, kneeboarders ride on their knees as they fly through the water behind a boat.