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Adult Literacies. Within this sector SQA has produced Higher National Group Awards in the following subjects, for further information on each subject/Group Award please follow the links below: PDA Supporting Adult Literacies Learning (SCQF level 6) PDA Tutoring Adult Literacies (SCQF level 8). Dec 21, 2010 · The Scottish Survey of Adult Literacies 2009 reminded us that low literacies are often linked to poverty and are likely to adversely affect people's health and well-being, financial status and ability to participate in society. That is why we are reflecting these themes in this strategic guidance - family, health, justice and financial capability.

4 Scotland’s Adult Literacies Curriculum Guidelines: learning, teaching and assessment Foreword We want every citizen in Scotland to have the literacies capabilities necessary to bridge the poverty gap, to understand and shape the world they live in, and. Adult Literacies in Scotland 2020: strategic guidance1 and enriched curriculum for learners from 3-18 years old. (ALiS2020) offers a vision that: By 2020 Scotland’s society and economy will be stronger because more of its adults are able to read, write and use.

Fargo, Hailley, et. al. "Teen Literacies Toolkit.” Young Adult Library Services Association. August 2017. Young Adult Library Services Association, Web. [insert date accessed by . Dec 21, 2010 · ADULT LITERACIES OUTCOMES, AIMS AND ACTIONS. Outcome 1: Scotland's adults have access to literacies learning opportunities in which they can achieve their goals and progress. Adult literacies learners are not a homogenous group. They have a range of existing literacies capabilities and often complex needs.

Adult Literacies. These sessions are for anyone aged 16+ years who wants to improve their reading, writing, spelling and numbers for everyday life, work or learning. A wide range of support is available and delivered at the learner's pace within a group setting. PDA in Tutoring Adult Literacies. This PDA has been developed to fill a professional development gap between the PDA Introduction to Tutoring in Adult Literacies Learning (ITALL) at SCQF level 6 and the Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) (Adult Literacies) at SCQF level 10.