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Milia appear as 1–2 mm white-to-yellow, dome-shaped bumps that are not painful or itchy. The most common locations for primary milia include: Around the eyes, cheeks, nose, and forehead in adults and infants ; On the gums and palate inside the mouth of infants; these milia are called Epstein's pearls, and they occur in up to 85% of infants. Jun 27, 2013 · Teens and adults should treat milia with an exfoliating treatment. You could either go for an exfoliating moisturizer or a targeted exfoliating product. An exfoliating moisturizer is a good idea if your milia are widespread and accompanied by dry skin. The moisturizer will reduce the build-up of dead skin cells below your skin and the 84%(18).

Jun 01, 2018 · A milium cyst is a small, white bump that typically appears on the nose and cheeks. Multiple cysts are referred to as milia. Milia is most common in Author: Tricia Kinman And Kristeen Cherney. Sep 06, 2016 · Milia (pronounced me-LEE-ah) most commonly occur in infants—especially on a newborn’s nose or forehead— but also can occur in children and adults. Luckily, milia—or milium for one— are not dangerous. However, they can make you feel insecure about your looks, especially when they appear in groups on your face.