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Office Party!!! - Sex Stories - Flyded: (True story) At our company's Annual end of Summer party I observed my co workers very attractive wife getting. May 03, 2016 · This is what happened one night at a party. Wendy my wife is 35 weighs about 135 pounds and is 5’11” her tits are a D cup. We have been married for 15 years and have two kids but from the way here body looks it is hard to tell.

Dec 16, 2011 · Cosmo readers share their wildest office party stories! By Dara Adeeyo. Dec 16, 2011 Ah, office parties. The one time you can get a little loose around your coworkers without tarnishing your Author: Dara Adeeyo. My wife is a sexy, cute cowgirl. She loves to flirt, and she prefers to work around men. Just after we got married, in our early twenties, she managed the office of a small local cattle auction house. It had corrals, an office section, a small sales ring, and a storage area.

My wife and I both work at the same company. She works in the office and I work in the factory as a supervisor. Each year the management throws a party for the staff but as usual the party for the factory workers is held separately from the office staff. Worked your tits off this year and want to unwind with a few tequilas at your Christmas do? Think again Work Christmas parties are historically sordid affairs. The dangerous mix of pent-up resentment and sexual attraction, not to mention free alcohol, means they can get messy. So messy, in fact.