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Spanking stories involve characters who like to spank or be spanked. They could be over the knee (otk) spanking stories, or people being spanked with a cane, paddle, flat of the hand, tied up against an X-shaped bondage device, or any other imaginative form of subtle 'punishment'. Oct 12, 2013 · My Collection of F/M and M/F Adult Spanking Stories and Art. Comment Restrictions. Holly's Desire - MF Illustrated Spanking Story Here's a story about a girlfriend who really wants to be spanked but can't get her boyfriend to do the deed (what an idiot!) Luckily she meets a few ladies who know exactly how to go about getting a spanking!Author: Glenmoretales.

Men spank women, m/f spankig from soft to hard. Top Spanking Related Sites. M/f spanking, BDSM fantasies, first experiences, consensual non-consent, OTK spanking, intended for mature readers who are of legal age to read erotica and enjoy adult material. The first time Robert spanked me I was still a teenage girl, just barely out on my own.

This is a true story but the names have been changed for privacy. I had been in my apartment for about three month before a 23 year old woman moved in from out of town. She was a red-headed Irish girl, fairly petite at only about 5’3 tall.Reviews: 1. F/M, F/m, & f/m stories involving Domestic Discipline issues with youthful or adult males within a familial dynamic. F/F, f/F, & f/f stories, involving a multitude of situations, some domestic, others loving, & others playful. Still a Mom - an adult son seeks discipline from his surprised mother.