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Adult Rock is a more laid-back approach to today's modern rock radio. For a sophisticated take on alternative music for adults, listen online today! One of the branches of alternative rock that emerged after the genre's absorption into the mainstream, adult alternative pop/rock is a smooth, melodic, radio-friendly style that packaged alternative's mellower side for wider consumption.

Please spread the word! Thanks for your vote in the AccuRadio Season of Sharing. You can help increase your chosen charity’s chances of getting our next $1,000 donation by asking your friends and coworkers to vote too. What ties adult alternative pop/rock together is a sense of maturity: it's essentially mainstream, pop/rock-based music of the '90s that appeals to a more refined, mellowed-out adult sensibility, intentionally or otherwise.

Adult rock and roll was a 24-hour music format produced by Dial Global. Its playlist was mostly active rock music (a mixture of classic and modern rock from artists such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Green Day, and The Rolling Stones, that mainly targeted listeners ages 32–45.Country: United States. Classic Rock, Current Hits, Entertainment, Hard Rock/Metal, Music, New Adult Rock, Pop Culture, Rock, Singer/Songwriter. Dee Snider talks about his decision to disband Twisted Sister & some of the band’s wildest moments. April 18, 2018.