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The terms retention and persistence are significant words for higher education due in part to the press surrounding the number of students who drop out of school each year.For state schools this can mean a loss of funding. For small liberal arts institutions, the majority of which are tuition dependent, these words carry even more weight since even a single student loss can place a small. Join us for the 2019 Adult Student Recruitment and Retention (ASRR) Conference in Madison, Wis. Improve the way you recruit and retain adult students. She is also an instructor and course director of the online Appreciative Advising course through Florida Atlantic University.

Student success: Student retention planning, assessments and interventions, and career services; Fundraising: Donor engagement, digital fundraising, National Adult Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report. Get This Research Report Case Study Using AI chatbots to engage alumni with a 93% open rate. The conference focuses on theory and practice of student engagement in active and effective learning.” April 7-10, 2019, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Adult Student Recruitment and Retention Conference “In the field of higher education, each institution sometimes stands alone in their efforts to reach, recruit and retain adult learners.

Jan 29, 2018 · Are mobile apps a key to online student retention success? University of Central Florida: When it comes to investing in the online learning experience, it’s critical to consider the day-to- day lives of adult students, most of whom would rather study between breaks at the work day rather than after work or in the morning, said Damien.