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Adult Aquatic Fitness What would the Y be without water? Water exercise, adult swim lessons (it’s NEVER too late) and adapted exercise for those with disabilities or in rehabilitation are some of the water-based activities you’ll find at the Y, where we believe if you can do it . Dive into water aerobics classes to build your cardio workout at 24 Hour Fitness. Use water exercise classes to build muscle and reduce body fat with resistance training. These non-impact aqua aerobics classes are available for every fitness level – 24 Hour Fitness.

Adult Water Fitness. WATER AEROBICS (Tuesdays & Thursdays) Exercise without stress. This is an excellent low impact exercise to help stretch and tone muscles. Water supports the body and aids in improving balance, while resistance builds strength. This class is ideal for adults with limited mobility injuries or arthritis. Strong Communities Start Here. At the heart of the YMCA lies the power to transform?both yourself and the world around you. From our exceptional fitness, personal training, sports and aquatics programs, to our extensive preschool and school-age programs, to our fun family and community events, the Y offers an array of options focused on strengthening bodies, minds and communities.

Adult Swim & Water Fitness. Get a full body low-impact workout in the comfort of our year-round heated pools. Low Impact - All the Benefits! Swimming is one of the safest and best forms of exercise, whatever your age. It is a great form of exercise for low-impact cardiovascular workouts and to positively impact muscle tone and endurance. Adult Hydro Fitness Power Training: An athletic approach to water fitness training with sports-specific drills, intense cardiovascular work, intervals, balance/core training, martial arts, and plyometrics. It’s a great way to improve your cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength, and endurance with minimal stress on your joints.

WATER EXERCISE. Any group fitness class that takes place in the pool is a water exercise class. These classes include Deep Water Aerobics, Water Aerobics and Water Walking. ON-SITE CHILD CARE. This is not a free group fitness class, but YMCA on-site child care certainly helps you get to the gym when you know your little ones will be well taken. Water Fitness. Swimming & Water Fitness. Water provides an ideal environment for strength training, cardiovascular workouts, balance training, and rehabilitative exercise. Water workouts are low-impact and provide a natural resistance that promotes muscle tone, reduces pain, and increases flexibility. Adult Tri/Masters. This class is.