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Community Care Licensing Division Welcome to the Community Care Licensing Division We serve the most vulnerable people of California and our mission is to promote the health, safety, and quality of life of each person in community care through the administration of an effective and collaborative regulatory enforcement system. The Child Care Licensing Program strives to provide preventive, protective, and quality services to children in care by ensuring that licensed facilities meet established health and safety standards through monitoring facilities, providing technical assistance, and establishing partnerships with providers, parents, and the child care community.

Rules, regulations and resources vary by state. Become familiar with local and statewide licensing/certification requirements, zoning regulations and safety codes. Network with colleagues through state adult day services associations. Click on links below to learn more about states or click here to learn more about opening an adult day center. scroll down to Child Care Centers and click on the blue links. 101152 DEFINITIONS Child Care Center means any child care facility of any capacity, other than a Family Child Care Home, in which less than 24-hour per day, non-medical care and supervision are provided to children in a group setting.

Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS) CBAS — Formerly, Adult Day Health Care (ADHC). Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS) became effective on April 1, 2012, under the California Bridge to Health Care Reform waiver (search for Community-Based Adult Services related sections).. CBAS offers services to eligible older adults and/or adults with disabilities to restore or maintain their optimal. Adult Day Center Licensing FAQs for New & Existing Adult Day Centers.

The Chapter 1 General Regulations do not apply to foster family homes, crisis nurseries, child care facilities, adult day programs,residential care facilities for the elderly, or residential care facilities for the chronically ill. However, these regulations do apply to all community care facilities may also have $20 per month of income. Care facility search. Questions about this application contact: Email: [email protected] The Community Care Licensing Division of the California Department of Social Services has provided this document search application to provide the public with access .