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Mar 24, 2014 · Older adults between the ages of 60 and 70 — or, as Moll likes to call them, the “new aged” — may be considering retirement, transitioning to part-time work, embarking on a new career altogether or trying to remain in their current position. Millions of older adults are living in various stages of health, happiness, and ability. They are more different from each other than are members of any other age group and must be treated as individuals. Counseling the elderly is a new and challenging field that promises a more satisfying, meaningful life for America's older citizens.

A geriatric counselor will also usually help set older adults up with social service and assistance programs as well. ‭A geriatric counselor may also act as a liaison between an older adult and the people around him. For instance, the counselor might help set up doctor’s appointments and fill out any necessary paperwork. Bereavement is a common life experience among older adults. For most, an initial period of acute grief evolves naturally into integrated grief. The bereaved older adult still has feelings of yearning and sorrow, but these are not frequent or intense enough to be disruptive.Cited by: 73.

With the growth of the older population, we counselors will have the exciting opportunity to carve a place for our profession in those systems that serve older people. Currently in those systems, older people are often disempowered, and there are few programs and resources that provide gerontological counseling. Older adults comprise one of the fastest growing demographic groups in the United States today, and are also described as the most spiritual and religious of all the age groups. Although older adults have historically underutilized counseling services, this may soon change as a result of the increase of older adults seeking services and changing attitudes toward therapy.Cited by: 53.

Northern Virginia Older Adult Counseling (OAC) is a professional mental health care practice that provides psychotherapy counseling services to older adults in our community. Northern Virginia Older Adult Counseling also specializes in care planning consultation with older adults and their families. Rationale for ACT with older adults. Additionally, older adults may have difficulty recognizing mental health problems in themselves. One study with homebound older adults found that only 50 percent of participants with a depressive, substance use, or anxiety disorder, and 35 percent with a current adjustment disorder, Cited by: 32.