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Mr. Happy’s Hat latex condoms are designed for use in an age of AIDS. We wish it weren’t so but it is. Be kind and considerate of your body and the bodies of others. You will be repaid with a life of joy, satisfaction, and appreciation. 10 Best Condoms for Him It is quite common to feel irritated while walking down the condom aisle; it is your life's necessary evil and even though you may not like to wear it, you have to do it for safe sex. Its wider head also plays a role in making it a better product. Happy every day. Dream to travel around the world, eat all the Author: Gabrielle.

Durex Performax Intense condoms feature dotted with ribbed texture for her and special delay lubricant for him to keep your sex drive going longer. Purchase 4.8/5(28). These classic ENZ condoms are America’s first non-lubricated condoms. If you have an allergy to lubricant, want something unflavored for oral sex, or just don’t like the feeling of lube Trojan ENZ non-lubricated condoms could be a great choice for you. You get the same, great feeling of Trojan’s famous ENZ condoms, without any lubricant.4.3/5(16).