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Apr 13, 2014 · Adult Literacy Reading Programs. Filed Under: Adult Literacy, Adults with Learning Disabilities, LD/ADHD Basics for Adults, News, Teaching Adults with LD, Teaching Reading, Contact your local literacy program or adult education center for help learning how to read. In the meantime, consider using assistive technology to give you the. A self-taught reading program that teaches adults/teens to read, write & spell in 3 weeks. Learn online with your desktop/mobile device or with books & audio CDs. Call now! (408) 835-6693.

Adults with dyslexia can learn to read with the aid of pictures. Our self-taught reading program will help anyone at any age with their reading and spelling problems! VIEW, LISTEN AND LEARN EASY! EASY! EASY! It’s like watching a movie! We give you helpful reading hints! Just put the DVDS in your DVD player or in your computer. Now, a growing number of adults are signing up for brain training as clients. Brain training helps clients of all ages because it strengthens the core skills the brain relies on to think, learn, read, remember, reason, pay attention, and solve problems—mental processes we use every day, in every area of life.

Feb 14, 2008 · How to Teach Yourself to Read. If you or somebody you know cannot read, you're not alone. 14 percent of American adults can't read--that's 32 million people--and 21% read below a 5th grade level. The good news is, it's never too late to 75%(80). Jul 25, 2007 · What tools can I use to teach an adult to read? Hello Let's Go Learn, I would like to see if you could help direct me. I am going to teach a 23-year-old young man to read. I will need tools to help teach him the basics and I don't know where to start. I found "Hooked on Phonics" on the internet, but the cost was $300.00!

You can help the process along by using activities that repeatedly drill target vocabulary. Read more in helping adults with literacy skills, teaching adults to read and spelling for adult learners. Tips for tutors. Working with adults is a very different experience for a tutor who is used to younger learners. Remember small successes will help the adult literacy student to stay motivated and involved in the learning process. When you teach reading to adults, If you assume that the adult learner has no prior knowledge of learning how to read and write, testing will help you to discover at what point in their lives learning to read and write stopped.