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What Is the Legal Age or Weight That a Child Can Ride in the Front Seat in Indiana?. Your child's safety is of the utmost concern, both in the car and everywhere. While kids love the opportunity to ride "shotgun," it is not always safe to let little ones ride in the passenger-side seat. Indiana motor. Laws. Indiana, like many states, does not have any specific laws about children riding in the front seat of a car. While children who weigh at least 30 pounds may use a booster seat in Indiana, state troopers encourage parents to keep their kids in forward-facing car seats until they are at least 40 pounds.

Seat Belts. All passengers in vehicles that have seatbelts must use them while in forward motion. Child Car Seat Laws. All children under 8 years old are required by law to ride in a vehicle while secured in either a child safety seat or a booster. The lone exception is if your child is . If your child reaches 4’9″ before age 8, he or she can legally ride in an adult seat belt. An exemption is also available for children who have a medical or physical condition that prevents them from being properly restrained according to the law. Indiana — Children Louisiana car seat law last checked/updated 7/2/2019 (new state.

Four to seven years old: Forward-facing car seat with a harness in the back seat; Eight to twelve years old: Booster seat in the back seat until adult seat belt fits properly (lap belt snugly across upper thighs and shoulder belt snugly across the shoulder and chest) Be sure to check the height and weight limits on your car . Indiana has laws that mandate the protection of children when they are travelling in motor vehicles. These laws are founded in common sense – children of certain ages are not safe when just using adult safety belts that are not designed to suit their proportions, so it is necessary to use a car seat.Author: Valerie Johnston.

Buckle Up: Restraint Use in INDIANA Keep Indiana safe. Encourage drivers and passengers to buckle up. This fact sheet provides a snapshot of motor vehicle occupant deaths and seat belt use and an overview of proven strategies for increasing the use of seat belts, car seats, and booster seats. The information can help local public health. If I place a child in a car seat, does the helmet law still apply? Yes. The use of a car seat does not exclude a child under age 18 from being required to wear a helmet when riding on an off-road vehicle. Does the helmet law apply to side by sides and UTVs? The law pertains to all vehicles that are designed for cross-country travel.