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Ladyfingers (sometimes known by their Italian name savoiardi,, sponge fingers in British English, or as Boudoir in French) are low density, dry, egg-based, sweet sponge biscuits roughly shaped like a large finger. They are a principal ingredient in many dessert recipes, such as trifles and charlottes, and are also used as fruit or chocolate gateau linings, and sometimes for the sponge element Place of origin: Savoy. Ladyfinger. 634 likes. We're a rock and roll band! We are honored to be part of Hear Nebraska's Compilation Vol 3. "Junk City" is an outtake from our last album Errant Forms.Followers: 687.

Lady finger, ladyfinger, or lady's finger may refer to. Food. Ladyfinger (biscuit), light and sweet sponge cakes roughly shaped like a large finger Lady Finger (), a drink comprising cherry brandy, gin and kirschBotany. Okra, a pod vegetable plant also known as lady's fingers; Ladyfinger cactus, a common name for the cacti Mammillaria elongata or Echinocereus pentalophus. Define ladyfinger. ladyfinger synonyms, ladyfinger pronunciation, ladyfinger translation, English dictionary definition of ladyfinger. also la·dys·fin·ger n. A small finger-shaped sponge cake. or n a small finger-shaped sponge cake n. a small finger-shaped sponge cake. Noun 1.