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Volunteers are vital to the success of students and literacy programs. They bring optimism and enthusiasm, create positive energy, and share diverse perspectives that lead to enhanced learning outcomes for students. Become an adult literacy volunteer and help empower an adult learner to reach their full potential to participate more fully in. Training Volunteers. Teaching Adult Learners. Adults want learning experiences that are practical and relevant to their lives. They tend to be less interested in learning for the sake of learning. New information or ideas must be integrated into existing knowledge if it is to be retained and usable.

We encourage all teachers to use our materials, but many teachers who have had adult ELL teaching experience do develop their own lesson plans. Our academic manager is also available to help volunteers develop lessons outside of the book. In addition, we have a resource library in the office. 1. VOLUNTEER TO TEACH A CLASS Our instructors are volunteers who care about others. If you are good in math, English, or reading and can give 2 hours a week, this could be a great opportunity.

Volunteers for Community Impact offers the opportunity to serve your community through "Orange County - Teaching Adult Literacy". This is an ongoing opportunity located in Orlando, Florida. Adult Education and Literacy volunteers assist the instructors in preparing adults for the high school equivalency test (HiSet). Volunteers may help with math, language arts or reading, while other volunteers may assist with clerical or record-keeping needs. Volunteers also tutor English as .

The Youth Teaching Adults program provides youth with a fantastic leadership and meaningful volunteer opportunity. The program is best delivered by high school-aged youth in one-on-one settings. You could choose to run the program at your youth-serving organization or bring your volunteers to an adult-serving organization’s location in your area. Adult Literacy Services, Sacramento Public Library offers the opportunity to serve your community through "Help an Adult Improve Literacy Skills: Become a Reading Tutor!". This is an ongoing opportunity located in Sacramento, California.