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How would you define "whining"? Do you know adults or kids who whine from time to time? Do you? All adults and kids have daily discomforts, disappointments, anxieties, and frustrations. "Well adjusted" people accept them and maintain a sense of humor as they seek to reduce their problems. The truth about whining, complaining, bitching & moaning. So you’ve found yourself around someone who keeps whining, complaining, bitching and moaning and it’s annoying, right? So you want to know what to do about it, how to handle what they’re doing but perhaps in a way that’s kind.

How to Deal with Childish Adults. But they are always whining or complaining about something. Nothing is ever quite right and they are never completely happy about anything. If you say that it’s a nice day, they’ll reply that it’s probably going to rain tomorrow. Crybabies invented the half-empty glass. Nov 05, 2011 · One of our patients is constantly whining, very anxious and on his call light every 10 minutes. He has been with us for over a month now, so we keep rotating nurses that take care of him.

Oct 09, 2005 · If your parents or other adults hear whining, they may often shut down with a firm “no” or even ignore you. Try asking whatever you want in your normal voice and make sure you’re polite about it. You may find that this gets you much farther in your request than whining to the adult.78%(27). Stop That Whining!: Are You an ‘Adult Child’? Nancy, who did not want her real name used, decided she had had enough of “sharing her experiences” with other adults “in recovery Author: ELIZABETH MEHREN.

Chronic whining is a set-up to drain the energy of every and anyone who'll listen and, therefore, will always yield alienation, which contributes to the feelings of despair that cause the whining. Apr 16, 2017 · Does this work on adults too? I'd like to use this on my wife and adult children if at all possible. Whining is unacceptable behaviour for me and so nobody whines to get anything from me, I.