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An internal chimney breast can be removed at ground and/or first floor without having to remove the external stack. This avoids the need to alter the roof or external appearance and character of the building. Bear in mind that you only remove sections of the chimney. Anything remaining above, such as the stack, will need to be supported. Once a chimney breast has been removed, there will be the need to make good the floor where the chimney breast once was. How should one approach removing a Chimney Breast? The services of a Structural Engineer are almost essential to ensure the safe removal of a chimney breast – this will involve the engineer in coming up with a method of.

Sep 03, 2019 · Want to remove the chimney breast (on the party wall) from the ground floor only. Chimney breast exists on 1st floor, but chimney top has been removed previously. RSJ would have a span of 3750mm from internal load-bearing wall (220mm thick approx) to . Nov 06, 2003 · I intend removing a dis-used chimney breast from the ground floor of my property whilst leaving the chimney breast intact in the upstairs bed room. Has anyone done this or do you have to remove the whole thing?

Similarly, you could probably remove a ground floor breast without anything untoward happening to the bedroom breast above. However, just because a thing is possible, it doesn’t mean that it is sensible or legal! Building Regulations It is essential that you inform and involve a Building Control Officer before beginning to remove any chimney. Sep 30, 2012 ·» Removing chimney from lounge but not upstairs? Please help.. You'll be removing more of the total chimney breast so the support needed will be much less. Originally I wanted to get rid of the whole chimney breast up the house but it would mean kitchen and disabled bathroom affected and I can't afford the disruption or cost of redoing Founder: Justine Roberts, Carolyn Longton.

Mar 25, 2007 · Hi, We are about to start a similar job. We were going to have the whole chimney breast removed ground floor and first and supported in the loft was coming in around £2000-£3000 having lots of other things done too so rough estimate! Nov 22, 2018 · Hypothetically speaking, if the job was carried out on the ground floor, whilst retaining the bedroom breast; the job would stretch to 4 days and £1775. Then for an entire chimney breast removal, leaving only the stack remaining, it becomes a 5 days job for £2050.