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Many people have a hard time figuring out how to soften pubic hair. It's not the sort of topic people ever discuss openly. However, the need to soften pubic hair occurs in many people. Hair requires natural oil to remain healthy. If your body is not producing enough oil, your skin becomes itchy. Dec 16, 2011 · Pubic hair is the second natural sign of puberty observed in women. No girl can avoid it. However, the problem lies in the growth and texture of it. Most of us have dry and coarse hair in that private part, and it is a real discomfort. Hence, we all look for some simple and natural ways to soften them. Here are 6 easy and simple steps to soften pubic hair: 1.

Sep 18, 2005 · How to Have Soft Hair. Shampooing daily dries out your hair and removes the oils that would soften your hair naturally. To get soft hair, you need to compensate for this oil loss. You should wash your hair every few days, 80%(52). May 06, 2006 · That same hair grown out can be extremely soft and great to touch. That same hair completely shaved off leads to a smooth head. Stubble isn't meant to be soft, period. If you want to soften your skin and make it more youthful, go for the conditioners and face creams. But trying to soften stubble, IMHO, is a pipe dream.

Sharp, irritating stubble has been a daily curse for many men, and just as often for the women who love them. Outside of electrolysis, however, stubble can hardly be avoided--but its impact can be softened. Read on to learn how to soften beard stubble.