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Long Live The Punk Cabaret! A collection of videos inspired by and/or related to the music of The Dresden Dolls. Brian Viglione (born May 16, 1979 in Greenville, New Hampshire) is an American drummer best known for his work with The Dresden Dolls and Violent Femmes. He was also a prominent member of New York City's cabaret punk orchestra, The World/Inferno Friendship Society (having toured, written, and recorded with them in 2008–2009). Known for his energetic and expressive drumming style, Viglione.

The latest Tweets from The Dresden Dolls (@DresdenDolls). Long Live The Punk Cabaret!. Boston, MAAccount Status: Verified. “I’ll miss you too, Mandy. Truth is, you’re going to do great things with your life!! I mean, you and Brian are gonna go far!! I can see it now, ‘The Dresden Dolls are the first music group to win 20 Grammies in one night!’ You’re gonna be famous!” Lily proclaimed as she held Amanda.