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The BEST anonymous online confessions, secrets & true stories site. Confess your guilt, problems, stories or dirty secrets with the world anonymously or simply read other people's real uncut confessions and comments. Share, chat and have fun! I'd say dump the low-life rapist all together. Go to school totally free and you don't have to be a slut with it. But experiment with a few nice guys who know its all about the sex and perhaps if the chance comes up maybe try a couple of girls too. I mean you never know if you don't try .

confessions of a teen girl. i don't blame my actions on anyone else or anything because when a decision is made its comes down solely to the person whom has the choice options. decisions can be influenced but never done by an outsider whom the options does not belong to. Little Girls:(That I have a thing for younger girls. because only through experience can there be a valid reason to speak for or against anything! so until you've been in a sexual or romantic relationship with a young girl then your opinion is worthless and you're just talking out of your ass!! have a nice one! hand picked confessions.

May 12, 2008 · Teen girls confess very naughty deeds! "There's this cute guy in my P.E. class that I have a major crush on, but, unfortunately, so does this other girl at my school who's supermean.Author: Audrey Fine. Dirty Confessions - Anonymous sex confessions, reveal your innermost secrets.

Confession #2546. 12/03/2016 She was barely 16, I was 20. She took my virginity, and became my first girlfriend. We met on a common known classifieds website and to be honest, I don't want to be forgiven I just want to relive the magic that was fucking a teen. 36 Women Confess The Kinky Sexual Secrets They’ve Never Told Anyone. By Lorenzo Jensen III and sinful it all was, being so young, and furthermore, both being girls. When people ask me who my first kiss was, I just say that I haven’t had one yet. And they tell me ‘Oh, don’t worry darling. 63 Slutty Confessions That Will Make You.