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Some women experience a watery blood-stained vaginal discharge which they might not even notice. It may be more apparent as a streak of light blood smeared on toilet paper after wiping the vagina. Or the woman may notice a slightly foul smell. A small amount of . A blood smear is a blood test used to look for abnormalities in blood cells. The three main blood cells that the test focuses on are: red cells, which carry oxygen throughout your body white cells Author: Lydia Krause.

A blood film—or peripheral blood smear—is a thin layer of blood smeared on a glass microscope slide and then stained in such a way as to allow the various blood cells to be examined microscopically. Blood films are examined in the investigation of hematological (blood) disorders and are routinely employed to look for blood parasites, such as those of malaria and filariasisMedlinePlus: 003665. A blood smear is a blood test that gives information about the number and shape of blood cells. It is often done as part of or along with a complete blood count (CBC). How the Test is Performed. A blood sample is needed. The blood sample is sent to a lab. There, the lab technician looks at it under a microscope.

Jan 09, 2017 · A blood smear is often used as a follow-up test to abnormal results on a total blood count (CBC) to evaluate the various types of blood cells. It might be used to help identify and/or keep an eye on numerous conditions that impact blood cell populations. Jan 06, 2011 · How to Diagnose Vaginal Discharge. Vaginal discharge is a common symptom in women and is most often completely normal and a sign that the vagina is functioning properly. Your vagina has a naturally acidic pH in order to protect you against infection. A healthy vagina regularly secretes discharge that in turn carries 80%(22).