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Dec 01, 2015 · My friend/sperm donor recently had his sperm frozen for us to try to use to conceive. His semen ph was 8.7, and though his sperm numbers/motility were good before freezing, he had very low motile cells numbers after the freeze. I’m wondering if his high ph . Sperm count, or sperm concentration to avoid confusion with total sperm count, measures the concentration of sperm in a man's ejaculate, distinguished from total sperm count, which is the sperm count multiplied with volume.Over 15 million sperm per milliliter is considered normal, according to the WHO in 2010. Older definitions state 20 million. A lower sperm count is considered oligozoospermia.HCPCS-L2: G0027.

Aug 29, 2018 · Sperm count can be important if you’re trying to conceive a child. An abnormal sperm count may also indicate an underlying health condition. A Ejaculate volume: 1.5–7.6 mL. Semen pH in patients with normal versus abnormal sperm characteristics. Harraway C(1), Berger NG, Dubin NH. Author information: (1)Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, MD, USA.Cited by: 18.

A normal pH of human semen range of 7.1-8.0, which is higher than the neutral pH. Pure water is neutral, at pH 7, being neither an acid nor a base. Solutions with a pH less than 7 are acidic and solutions with a pH greater than 7 are basic. A normal sperm count is at least 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen. Your sperm count is considered low if you have less than that. Normal pH is between 7.1 and 8.0. A low pH level means.

The mean pH values were consistently well above 8.0 regardless of analysis method and time after ejaculation. Since semen analysis is part of clinical assessment of male infertility and includes pH measurement, the findings suggest that the range of normal values needs to be revised further 4. Jul 11, 2019 · A normal vaginal pH level is between 3.8 and 4.5, which is moderately acidic. However, what constitutes a “normal” pH level can vary slightly based on your stage of life. Sperm thrive in Author: Stephanie Watson.