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Psycholegal Assessments, Inc. offers objective, comprehensive, and thorough sex offender evaluations (psychosexual evaluations) for individuals charged with a sexual crime, including pre-plea and pre-sentence sex offender evaluations, as well as sex offender evaluations for probation. Dr. Steven Gaskell is a licensed Sex Offender Evaluator in Illinois and a licensed Psychologist in Georgia who. Actuarial tests support the inclusion of dynamic risk factors in sexual offender evaluations. However, most of these actuarial tests focus exclusively on recidivism. Consequently, most static and dynamic risk factor research has limited clinical use because of its failure .

Sex Offender Evaluations (288.1 Evaluations) Need consultation for your case? Are you unsure whether your client will benefit from therapy? Does your client meet the criteria for a pedophile under the current DSM-IV-TR criteria? Does your client need to be placed in a 52-week sex offender program? Will your client re-offend his/her sex crime? Unfortunately, the incidence of sexual assault has increased over the past decade, 1,2 and the long-term management of sex offenders has been fervently debated in our society. In the United States, approximately 234,000 sexual offenders are under the custody of correctional agencies each day, and.

abuse. A crucial first step in addressing the needs of sexual abusers and the community is a specialized evaluation of the abuser. A thorough understanding of the offender can assist individuals, courts and supervising agencies develop effective plans, help families recover from the trauma of sexual abuse, and. During the sentencing or disposition phase of the court process, psychosexual evaluations (sometimes referred to as sex offender–specific evaluations) are often requested. Generally speaking, psychosexual evaluations are designed to identify the following (see ATSA, 2005): Level of risk for sexual and non–sexual recidivism;.

The Sex-Offender Test Can the Abel Assessment tell if you're a potential child-molester? But he is best known for the Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest, a test he has refined over the last two decades. more comprehensive evaluations of people convicted of sex offenses (and in some cases merely accused of them). The stakes are high; a Author: Maurice Chammah.