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Jul 04, 2016 · Stripped by the stripper! Lauren tried to push away, but the stripper had a good six inches on her. "Someone make her stop!" She screeched angrily. The stripper was just getting started though. She reached around Lauren's back and subtly, expertly, undid the clasp on her small skirt. The skirt fell down Lauren's legs, past her tall boots Reviews: 1. Read Smile to keep from crying from the story The Game by laila_duhh (Laila) with 89,956 reads. blood, wattys2017, street. Lauren "Bye Mr. Dean." I said with Content Rating: everyone.

Jun 08, 2012 · In the first scene, Jeanna and Lois are messing around in the kitchen of their apartment when Lauren comes in and is embarassed. But she goes off to the bathroom and has a solo masturbation scene. In it, she plays with herself, while she fantasizes about Natasha Skyler as a . Read When It Rains It Pours from the story The Game: Blood, Sweat, & Tears by laila_duhh (Laila) with 39,693 reads. guns, hoe, lit. Lauren "WAIT WHAT!" Pepper Reviews: 563.