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“Why does Valentines Day suck?” EASY! * The guilt that’s foisted on us (mostly men!)! * The forced romance; almost like we’re being mated by advertising companies / the corporate world Seriously, that doesn’t help the “romance” thing Oh well; if. British blogger Emily Hartridge, who has previously expounded on reasons why dating sucks and why it might be time to break up, took it upon herself to outline all of the reasons why Valentine's Day sucks. "I actually did want to put a positive spin on Valentine's Day," Hartridge says.Author: Emma Gray.

Feb 09, 2008 · Let's be honest, it really sucks. Almost as much as Christmas, but why?Followers: 1. and "Why not give gifts randomly throughout the whole year?" as if such gestures are strictly forbidden on other days of the year. They are not. Valentine's Day is just the day designated for us to hold out these offerings, the puny avatars for the mammoth beast of love, and make our love visible.Author: Alana Massey.

Why Does Valentine’s Day Always Suck The Day After? Kirsten Howell on February 16, 2013. Valentine’s or no Valentines. Reply. yannibmbr February 20, 2013 at 12:43 pm. You just nudged off three women for girlfriend of the day. Good job! =) Why Does Valentine’s Day Always Suck The Day After?