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Transgender people are not accepted in every society. They suffer discrimination, violence, and even murder. Transgender people have fought for and have gained many rights and protections in some societies. In many places the fight for transgender rights is . Transgender history begins with transgender (in the broad sense, including non-binary and third-gender) people in ancient civilizations on every inhabited continent and continues to the present.Sumerian and Akkadian texts from 4500 years ago document transgender priests, and Assyrian texts document trans prostitutes; evidence suggests these gender roles go back to prehistoric times .

The Transgender Pride Flag was created by American trans woman Monica Helms in 1999, and was first shown at a pride parade in Phoenix, Arizona, United States in 2000. The flag represents the transgender community and consists of five horizontal stripes: two light blue, two pinks, and one white in the center. Gender dysphoria (GD) is the distress a person feels due to a mismatch between their gender identity and their sex assigned at birth. People who experience gender dysphoria are typically transgender. The diagnostic label gender identity disorder (GID) was used by the DSM until it was renamed gender dysphoria in 2013 with the release of the DSM-5.Medication: Hormones (e.g., androgens, antiandrogens, .