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May 23, 2019 · Try this: If your boy is open to a little spank-y play, this is great to do while he’s on top of you in any variation of missionary.Squeeze his booty when he’s hitting just the right spot, or Author: Taylor Andrews. Dec 22, 2009 · Driving your boyfriend crazy is a guaranteed way to make your relationship more fun, dynamic, and sexy. If you want to drive your boyfriend wild and to make him want you even more, you have to be bold, adventurous, and sexy, and to remember to keep things feeling exciting and fresh.72%(128).

Nov 02, 2016 · This is where most of the nerve endings are and so this is where you need to focus your attention if you’re giving him oral pleasure. Use your hand on the shaft of his penis, as you use your mouth on the head, swivelling your tongue and mouth around it and over it to stimulate him fully. Siski Green is the author of How To Blow His Mind In Bed. Jun 04, 2008 · Look your best so you feel confident and loving with your boyfriend. You don't have to look any particular way to love your boyfriend, but if it would make you feel more confident and loving with your boyfriend, make some little changes. Get in shape or dress up if it will help.57%(14).

Sep 21, 2007 · The testicles are a powerful contribution to his orgasm and with the right kind of stimulation; it can send him into overdrive. This is exactly what you want him to experience. Use these tips to go down on your boyfriend the right way so you can give him one of . Men love to have sex with the woman on top, and it's one of the best sex positions for a woman to reach orgasm through penetration, but being on top requires technique and stamina. Here's how to ride a guy (properly) Sure everyone knows that the woman on top sex position puts the woman in control.