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A girl of a kind of mystery. She is open, honest, and direct, but only when asked or when she finds it necessary. Jo doesn't give her heart away easily, but when she does she falls hard. She has been broken and scarred. She just needs someone to hold her tight.(literally Jo loves to cuddle) Jo is usually a shortened version of a longer name. jo: [noun] a generic name for a person. comes from the slang term yo and can be used in place of it What's up Jo?

Dec 03, 2014 · Jo definition, beloved one; darling; sweetheart. See more. J.O.definition by Dictionary of sex terms and "F" word, contains sex terms, definitions, synonyms, and quotations. The Language of Love, Lust, Sex. JO / j/o, abbreviation for jack-off and jerk-off, male masturbation. See masturbation-male for synonyms. See Also: J.O.

5 definitions of JO. Definition of JO in Slang/Internet Slang. What does JO stand for? Printer friendly. Menu Search. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools "AcronymFinder.com. Abbreviation to define. What does JO stand for? Your abbreviation search returned 21 meanings. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions. Link/Page Citation. In gay slang what is Jo? Jerk Off/Handjob Jerk Off/Handjob. Gay people are just like everyone else with a different look at the opposite sex than say "straight" people. Find a gay person and.