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A high level sex move in which the man moves either himself or the girl into a contorted position for the purpose of deep penetration. Also called the "gut crusher". See any Bangbus episode featuring Ramon for further explanation and examples of this position. See . A game which involves a group of men who masturbate fervently like Spider Monkeys until they ejaculate all over the wall. The winner is the first person to unload while the last has to .

Spider monkeys are among the largest New World monkeys; black-headed spider monkeys, the largest spider monkey, have an average weight of 11 kilograms (24 lb) for males and 9.66 kg (21.3 lb) for females. Disproportionately long, spindly limbs inspired the spider monkey's common name.Class: Mammalia. To howl like a monkey while shooting sperm onto your partner's limbs as if tying them to the bed with a webbing only to have intercourse with them afterwards.

Def. 1: When a man ejaculates into a spider monkey's hand and proceeds to throw the jizz it into his partner's face. Def. 2: When a man ejaculates into a spider money's hand and throws the monkey . The act of positioning ones arms between their legs and thrusting towards the ground shrieking loudly like a spider monkey.