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Bands made for a game or an article of clothing. With many colors comes many codes one for each color to be precise. listed below are the many types of codes and games to play with these "sex bands". Aug 05, 2015 · Jelly Sex Bracelets and Their Color Meanings What Do The Jelly Sex Bracelet Colors Mean? (aMyth) Many people have inquired about the fad supposedly going on in in colleges, high schools, even middle schools! Blue – indicates ORAL SEX performed on a guy; Black – indicates that the wearer will have regular “missionary” sex.

Sep 29, 2008 · What are the meanings of sex bracelet colors? not all are bad things sum mean a kiss on the cheek or lips and hugs, I no black is sex and um I think pink is a hickie and red is a lapdance, blue is ***** and they are popular so u can like google and search sex bracelets and ul get different lists, they kinda died down at my school so they Followers: 7. Black – intercourse; In a variation of sex bracelets, there is a game called snap, in which if a boy can snap a jelly bracelet off a girl’s wrist – not easy to do, since jelly bracelets are hard to break – the girl is supposed to do whatever the color of the jelly bracelet promises. Jelly Bracelets and Their Meaning Sources: Snopes.

A cheap-jewelry, made from a rubber-like substance, in the shape of a ring, worn around the wrists, arms, and sometimes ankles. People who play 'Snap' with Jellies have their own thing going on, and that's okay for them, but for those of us who buy them for what they are accsessories don't rip on us. I have 50 Black Jellies on both of my arms as I write this, but if some chick runs up. Mar 31, 2014 · Sex Bracelets are back – and kids are using them with out their parents knowing what they are doing. Jelly bracelet fashion accessories have been around since the 80’s. But instead of a.

Letter Q and Spade symbol, usually accompanied with a tattoo of the playing card symbol with letter Q inside. It means a hotwife has a sexual preference for black men. Hearts. If the anklet contains heart symbols, it means the wife is committed to her husband but free to date other men and have relationships with mutual benefits.Author: Faye Williams. What does the color 'black' mean on a 'sex bracelets'? You go all the way through. What is the color meaning on the white gel bracelets? white gel braclets mean oral sex.