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Indirect High frequency which is more commonly known as Viennese massage, is an advanced facial treatment where the client controls the treatment by holding onto the button and electrode while the therapist performs a massage, creating a circuit of high frequency between the . Oscillating Alternating Current. Major effects of treatment. Relaxation & relieving tension in stressed muscles, norishes with the oil or/and cream, increases circulation & improving skin colour, increases lymph flow, aids desquamation and produces ertheyma. Indications to treatment.

Oct 23, 2014 · High frequency Treatment. Direct high frequency Indirect high frequency Clare Hargreaves-Norris Method of application A glass electrode is moved in circular motions slowly over the skin The client holds the electrode in their hand and the therapist massages the client’s face with their hands Sensation Client will feel a warm. Transcript of Indirect high frequency treatment. What is indirect high frequency treatment? A current that flows through the client's body using the therapist's hands to perform massage which conducts the current. The client holds the intensified saturator electrode.

The two high-frequency treatments commonly used in salons are today known as Direct and Indirect High Frequency. Direct Method. In this treatment the operator holds the glass electrode and applies it upwards and outwards over the client’s face. When in close contact with the skin, heat is generated at the point of contact with the electrode. Indirect High Frequency is the use of High Frequency current to aid in product penetration and gentle skin stimulation. In contrast to Direct High Frequency, which is applied directly to the skin, Indirect High Frequency flows through the surface of the body, when the hands of the skin therapist make contact with the client’s skin as the client holds the electrode.

May 29, 2012 · Indirect High Frequency: The use of the current for relaxation & sedation. Unlike the direct method the current flows through the surface of the body, and has a regenerating action. Reasons to use indirect high frequency What is the history of indirect high frequency? How many can you list? Aims To introduce indirect high frequency treatment To discuss benefits and contra-indications related to the treatment To demonstrate the indirect back treatment Remove.