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More Outdoor Game Ideas for Teens Capture the Flag. What you'll need - You will need boundary markers and two "flags". Human Knot. What you'll need - All you need is participants to play. Elbow Tag. What you'll need - You'll need a large area to play this game. Frisbee Golf. What you'll need -. Aug 05, 2013 · 7 Fun Outdoor Games For Teenagers. 1. The Welly Wang – Strange name, strange game, yet strangely fun! This is a game we played when I was in the UK and it’s actually pretty hard throwing a welly (gumboot) a long distance. It’s perfect for using if you want to put together some kind of Youth Group Olympics event. 2.Author: Stephen Pepper.

Top 10 Outdoor Games for Teens. Kick the Can is one of my all time favorite games for teenagers. 2. Paintball games work really well for this age group. Find a paintball field near you. 3. Geocaching is an excellent activity to do with teens. It's a basically a fun GPS scavenger hunt to find hidden "caches" around town, in the woods, and off trail. 23 rows · Outdoor Games for Youth. Cheeto toss Super easy, messy, fun game! Can work with small .

Jul 09, 2019 · Outdoor activities, hence, were a popular choice of entertainment and fun for teens. However, all is not lost. Still you can do a lot to encourage your teen to pursue some outdoor activities by making it ‘extra’ fun.Author: Rakhee M. As teenagers, outdoor games provide you a chance to act like a kid again. They can be used for team building, recreation, fitness, or to have fun. They can be used for team building Author: Susie Mcgee.